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+ Custom Loose Furniture       + Custom Built-in Furniture

+ Furniture Restoration           + Maintenance and Service



Building a home needs not only creativity to bring life to your space, but also a fundamental understanding for the functionality as well. To ensure we achieve this philosophy, Glo Kreasindo holds a team of individuals with various disciplines that is able to assist in managing your project; from brainstorming ideas, design to completion (fit-out).


However, if you have other prospects for architecture, or in circumstances where you would like to bring your own architect/s or have preferred designs, we are more than happy to collaborate and build according to your designs. For references, our projects have reached but are not limited to small-scale renovations, full new build interior - exterior designs and renovations.


Due to various interests and demands, we are capable in manufacturing custom designs along with sourcing for special natural materials or products for your projects. These are aided by tools such as Computer Aided Design and Drafting (CAD) program, machineries and fine Indonesian craftsmanship originating from central Java, Bali and Jakarta.


For further precision and detailings. our designers execute their designs through CAD and other methods. As an example, in a few of their projects they work closely with artists whom support us by creating unique designs with special requirements i.e. wall mirror panel with traditional Javanese wood/stone carvings or any materials that cannot be achieved with machines.


+ Corporate Identity Design       + Brand Campaign

+ Exhibition Stand                      + Promotional Items

Creating an image for your business/brand is not a simple task. Here at Glo Kreasindo, our Graphic Designers ensure that they understand the aspiration behind your idea, developing and producing the design and keeping the details in tact such as color, aesthetic and the desired outcome. This is accompanied by additional services such as design, printing, merchandise production and more.


Whether you are searching for corporate identity or product branding, our teams of professional and skilled individuals are here to create your vision. In addition, they work closely with our interior design team to ensure that both interior and graphic designs have the same appearance, image and result that you would like to achieve.



Part of our design service here in Glo Kreasindo is that we also undertake building regulations drawings and submissions i.e. restaurant projects at malls or any other public areas.

Although our workshops are located in Jakarta, for certain projects or products, we have built a strong partnership with very talented and selected local artisan in central java, Bali who can support us with their fine craftsmanship or rare raw items.

Leveraging on our extensive global and local network, we are confident with our skills and thus entrusted to handle various sized projects with International Standards.


Our trading business partners also enable us to serve the international market. Therefore, we not only operate in the creative industry locally, but also market our products and services across the world.




PT Glo Kreasindo

Tempo Scan Tower 32nd floor,  

Jl. HR. Rasuna Said Kav. 3-4,

East Kuningan, Jakarta 12950, Indonesia

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