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Glo Kreasindo consists of teams that focus on Interior-Exterior Design and Graphic Design. Our talented multidisciplinary teams of interior designers, architects and graphics designers are supported by the admin staff, labor staff, carpenters, artists and engineers in bringing all your design projects to outstanding accomplishments


In the past, our projects are spread across the Food and Beverage (FNB) industry, residential buildings and offices that need design solutions ranging from interior to visual imagery for their brand identity and marketing.


Through years of experience in handling projects nationally and abroad, along with expertise in the above fields, clients have trusted us as their design partner in Indonesia. As always, our philosophy is to put reliability above prosperity. This is applicable by having a tactical and friendly partnership with our clients, whilst offering and delivering professional design solutions that is acceptable by our clients and their target market in terms of cost, quality, delivery and personal services.


Our production capability ranges from office and commercial interior fit out, to corporate or product branding and merchandising as well as online presence. In addition, our production team ensures that the quality of our designs reflect onto the final product.

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Sarem, who stands as Principal Designer has founded Glo Kreasindo in 2011. He is the right brain of this company, having graduated from both Trisakti University in Jakarta, Indonesia and also Bergische Universitaet Wuppertal in Germany. With this outstanding academic background, he has also gained work experiences as a designer for many European and Asian companies such as bizeps, or De Crevecoeur in Germany, Toma House Bali, Indonesia, Visibility Design and Gallery 278 in Singapore. The excellent track record allowed him to accomplish design projects in Bali and Singapore, prior to forming a team in Jakarta, Indonesia.


Through his academic and work experiences, this has shaped his characteristics and skills in handling various types of clients with different tastes and preference of aesthetics. Due to his creative mindset and passion for design, his work has been shown in many design exhibitions.


Language: English, German, Bahasa



PT Glo Kreasindo

Tempo Scan Tower 32nd floor,  

Jl. HR. Rasuna Said Kav. 3-4,

East Kuningan, Jakarta 12950, Indonesia

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